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Statues of Lamentation - page 11

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Parsley:YAWN! Let's set up camp for the night and continue in the morning. It's a long way and we can't see where we're going.
Batty:Oh, you poor little bird, is it too dark for you already? Darkness doesn't bother us bats, y'know. We were born in it, moulded by it!
Batty:Echolocation makes us perfectly adapted to the night. I always know where I'm g-
Batty:Ouch! Oof! Argh! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow...
Batty:It's alright, this thicket of brambles broke my f- oh, oh no!
Batty:Piranhas! Where did the piranhas come from? Let go of my interfemoral membrane, you little beasties!
Panschi:Let's set up camp.

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