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Statues of Lamentation - page 10

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One landing later...
Batty:Come on, look lively! We're almost at the Lodge de Loon. You can rest when we're there.
Batty:No thanks to Parsley, of course, who would've made us overshoot it by miles.
Batty:You birds just don't know what you're doing. Be glad I convinced you to jump earlier.
Parsley:Um, I think you're mistaken about the distance.
Batty:I'm never mistaken. Isn't that right, Bad Bat?
Bad Bat:What about the time when-
Batty:Of course it is. See that mountain? It's right over there.
Much later...
Batty:See? It's still right over there.
Panschi:And it ain't gettin' closer.

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