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Lizard Needs Food Badly - page 7

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Lanschi:We're tracking a prominent propagator of problems here, so it could be hiding anywhere. Probably.
Lanschi:Therefore, I propose we split up! You know, good old fun with search teams. Lotsa fun.
Lanschi:But of course, we all need the right partner! Hayfa, you should go with Pa
Lanschi:Hmm, that's odd. I actually meant to say Pa
Lanschi:No, I was talking about you!
Hayfa:How cute! You're fah-fah-fighting over me!
Hayfa:But I think I synergise best with Rose. Am I right, Rose?
Hayfa:Come on, Rose, this'll be fun! Maybe we can pluck some bah-bah-berries on the way. Do you know how many berries are in this park? Berry, berry many! Hahaha, that was a good one, eh, Rose?
Panschi:Not goin' down for the cow yet.

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