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The Metamorphosis of Mr. Ani - page 11

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Soon, at the castle...
Parsley:Don't worry, Lanschi! We'll look for a way to restore you to normal soon.
Parsley:We need to see the King on important festival business.
Leroy McElroy:Go on in, then!
Leroy McElroy:I'm sorry, but we cannot allow you inside.
Lanschi:Why not? I'm with them!
Lanschi:Wait! Is... is it because I'm all beetly? You don't understand! I'm Lanschi Ani! I have to talk to the King!
Leroy McElroy:Yeah, right. And my name's Elroy McLeroy!
Elroy McLeroy:Pssst, Leroy... that's my name!
Leroy McElroy:What? I know it's your name! It's just an example of a false claim!
Elroy McLeroy:What do you mean, false claim? It's my name! It's perfectly true!
Leroy McElroy:But it's not mine, is it? Would you have preferred I say Fergus McCrumpetpants?
Elroy McLeroy:Yes... no! Why McCrumpetpants? I had an uncle named McCrumpetpants!
Leroy McElroy:But he was no Fergus, was he?
Elroy McLeroy:He was an Angus. That's close.

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