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The Metamorphosis of Mr. Ani - page 10

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Lanschi:Where are we going, again?
Panschi:Tellin' the King you can't hold your speech t'morrow.
Panschi:No buts from the bugs. We'll be lucky if he doesn't call an exterminator.
Parsely:Hey, Panschi! Is Lanschi not up yet?
Panschi:That's Lanschi.
Parsley:Oh, alright! I thought
ParsleyWAIT, WHAT??!!
Lanschi:Please don't ask how this happened!
Parsley:I wouldn't believe it if I weren't seeing it!
Hayfa:Oh, hey pals!
Panschi:Here's another hard to believe thing.
Hayfa:I thought I'd stop by 'cause I hah-hah-have to tell you pals about my breakfast! You won't believe what I ate this morning! An entire fifty-pound kumquat-stuffed...
Hayfa:Hm... You lah-lah-look different, Lanschi. New haircut?
Lanschi:Buzz cut.

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