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The Mad and the Madcap - page 13

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So we're in the middle of a jungle, we have no map and we have no transportation.
Lanschi:AAAH! An earthquake!
Hayfa:It's just my tah-tah-tummy, actually! I haven't eaten in over an hour!
Panschi:...Right. Weh ave no food either, 'cut someone ate it all during the flight here.
Hayfa:Well, if you're going to bah-bah-be like that, I'm leaving! I'm going to look for something edible.
Panschi:Um, sure, you go do that.
Parsley:ANd what are we going to do?
Lanschi:Find the route to the volcano, of course! You'll see that maps are superfluous if you know what you're doing!
Lanschi:To a survival expert, mother nature provides many clues for the ideal path to take.
Lanschi:All we have to do is be careful, use common sense... ...and keep at least one watchful eye on oru surroundings!
Panschi:Thanks for demonstration, bro.

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