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The Mad and the Madcap - page 12

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But wait! Aren't we forgetting someone?
Batty:Well, that was truly a... one-of-a-kind landing.
Bad Bat:Why, thank you! I'm rather fond of it myself!
Batty:I didn't even think such a landing was physically possible.
Bad Bat:I never got along with physics.
Batty:Well, I just hope we're not too late. (And if we are, I'm blaming you.) Come on, we've got [no] time to waste! Let's find a way into the volcano.
Bad Bat:Aww... Wait, won't this be dangerous? Like, really really dangerous?
Batty:The thing's dormant, remember? There's nothing here to pose any kind of-
Batty:One word about a "warm welcome" and I'm sacrificing you to the island gods.

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