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Borderline Chaos - page 7

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Parsley's fun has been limited as well...
Hayfa:Hey, wah-wah-what shoudl we do next? I'm in the moood for a third dinner!
Parsley:I'm in the mood for going to bed. I can't stay up and wait any longer (and if I see any more food, I may do something regrettable.) I do wonder what's taking the boys so long. They should have been back long ago.
Hayfa:Mah-mah-maybe there's something wrong with the form?
Parsley:I don't know what could be wrong with it. There were some clauses in the one I copied, but I am fairly certain they cannot possibly apply anymore.
Hayfa:Well, they know how to defend themselves. And if they need help, I still have a score to settle anyway!
Parsley:You're probably right...
Parsley:Let's just call it a day. Would you like the cough or bed?
Hayfa:Bed, if that's ok... Can I borrow some pyjamas?
Parsley:Um, sure, be my guest...
Hayfa:Thank, Rose! You're really awesome! Though these are a bit small...
Parsley:Don't mention it. If you need me, I may try to read a bit downstairs before sleeping.
Parsley:My, I hope they come back soon... It's been a long day. Well, at least nothing more can go wrong now...
Hayfa:Ooops! I think I broke the bed, Rose!
Parsley:There's another one for the book of things I should never say.

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