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Borderline Chaos - page 6

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Panschi:Your Majesty, we humbly ask you to consider signing this form. It would end recent unrests along the Alluvian border.
King Lanschi:Let us see... armistice... cease fire... blabla... fainites barley... hm, m-hm, yes...
Bad Bat:What's happening in there, Batty? Are you getting any of this?
Batty:Sssshhh! I'm trying to listen...
Batty:We may need to get involved if they try anything stupid.
King Lanschi:Oh, there's a recipe for chocolate brownies on the other side!
Lanschi:We were short on paper...
King Lanschi:Very well, young friends! We will gladly sign this.
Lanschi:Alright that went quicker than-
King Lanschi:However, there is a problem.
This clause here calls for more signatures than just ours...
Lanschi:We'll show it to Kakra once you-
King Lanschi:...and that of Lord Kagnas.
King Lanschi:Anserian! Please compile a list of the signatures this document requires for the Masters Ani.
Anserian:At once, Sire.
Lanschi:Is that a scroll creeping into the room?
Panschi:"Of course I read the form!"

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