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The Sorceress Acquaintance - page 28

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Parsley:Hayfa! Wake up!
Parsley:Don't you "huh" me! I've been looking for you everywhere. What happened??
Hayfa:Rose...? I tha-tha-thought you didn't care for me anymore!
Parsley:Yeah... I was fearing you might.
Parsley:I wanted to apologise for that, actually... But what have you been doing out here, anyway?
Hayfa: Oh, nah-nah-nothing much. I just wanted to prove my worth, so I went to see Lacy and became a magician! But then I kind of... broke my wand, and then this ancient horror showed up and wanted to eat me, and then I punched it in the eye and it exploded.
Parsley:Makes sense.
Hayfa:This story may be done, and the status quo may be restored, but... I don't think I'll ever forget my time as Lacy's apprentice.
Parsley:Speaking of Lacy, where is she, anyway? Hayfa:OH NO! I forgot about her!

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