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The Sorceress Acquaintance - page 22

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Hayfa:Gee, that could have gone badly. Good thing I had a soft landing.
Hayfa:Sweet Polly Oliver! That's not a healthy situation!
Hayfa:And my wand broke! I cah-cah-can't use my magic without that! What do I do?!
Nyarlathoth:Okay, I'll bite. Who, in all the dimensions, are you??
Hayfa:Hayfa am I, in 3 dimensions! The Fah-Fah-Forest Witch's apprentice!
Nyarlathoth:Apprentice, eh? Then why'd you knock her out?
Hayfa:It wasn't on purpose...
Nyarlathoth:Sheesh. That's pathetic.
Nyarlathoth:You know, if I had an apprentice like you, I would
Hayfa:Yeah, yeah, alright. I'm not so good at this, okay?

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