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The Sorceress Acquaintance - page 20

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Hayfa:I hope this is enough for dinner... Gotta make sure I get enough nutrients!
Hayfa:Hah-hah-hey! I'm ba-ack!
Hayfa:Hmm... Looks like she's not here.
Hayfa:And she didn't put the lid on her stew!! I better act fast!
Hayfa:Whew! Crisis averted. But I do wonder where she went. What could be more important than dah-dah-dinner?
Hayfa:She might be in trouble. And as a good apprentice, I gotta help her!
Hayfa:Whatever is out there will be no match for my new magic! And then people will sah-sah-see that I'm worth something!
Hayfa:On second thought, maybe I'd rather be worthless!!

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