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The Sorceress Acquaintance - page 14

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Bad Bat:Gee, the forest witch has an apprentice. They had a montage with a song and everything.
Bad Bat:This seems like something Master Kakralomino would want to know... Hm...
Bad Bat:...But more importantly, it's something I want to know! Maybe she can teach me as well!
Bad Bat:Nah, she would probably turn me into one of those green things that go "ribbit" and bounce around like popped corn. Drats, if only I knew a wizard or something...
Blackboard:Double down on robot doubles X
Ask Dr. Spid to mow the lawn X
Giant cheese wedge attack X
Steal Lanschi's toothbrush
Rabid guinea pig invasion ?
Kakralomino:Hm... My evil plans have not had a very high success rate lately. Wonder who I should blame?
Kakralomino:Egh. Speak of the devil...

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