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The Sorceress Acquaintance - page 9

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Lacy:So, what brings you here?
Hayfa:Well, I- Oh, you made tea!
Lacy:HANDS OFF MY TEA! This tea is MINE!
Lacy:I assume you are here for the job opening. What makes you a good fit for that?
Hayfa:Um, I, uh... I'm appah-pah-plying for this pah-pah-position-
Lacy:Great! You're hired.
Lacy:You're the first one to apply that's both real and sentient. "Safety concerns" or somesuch...
Hayfa:It's me, Hah-hah-hayfa! I want to, uh, help out... A little.
Hayfa:So, when do I start?
Lacy:Right now! Take this.
Hayfa:You'll tah-tah-teach me to fly on a broom so early??
Lacy:No, I just need this place cleaned. Now get to work!!

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