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The Sorceress Acquaintance - page 7

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Hayfa:Wah-wah-why do you need me to move this ridiculously large boulder again, Ms. Cocca?
Trixie:'Cause I wanna try mah hands at modellin' a ridiculously large subject, if ya get tha hint.
Trixie:Jes' stand over there. Let ya natch'ral charm do tha trick!
Trixie:Ackshally, jes' a bit over there... Now stan' on one foot... Now shake ya hands... Now, do tha hokey-pokey...
Trixie:Mah dahminoes! What an unexpected twist ah' fate!
Hayfa:...Mah-mah-maybe glue can fix this?
Trixie:Ya betcha it can...
Hayfa:Maybe the arts aren't for me either!

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