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The Roach Motel to Happiness - page 36

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Puck:Spoilsport! I hope you're happy now.
Puck:I mean, I genuinely do. And if not, I can give you anything you want to make you happy.
Puck:This machine turns rhubarbs into your heart's desires. Isn't it wonderful? Anything nice you can think of... It's yours! No extra charge.
Panschi:What do ya stand to gain from this?
Puck:Oh, you know...
Puck:I just love seeing people happy. It warms my heart. Their happiness is my happiness. Ye ken?
Panschi:So, do you, like... Drink emotions or somesuch?
Puck:What?! How do you know??
Panschi:It kinda says on your drink dispenser.
Puck:Darn and blast!
Dispenser:Water - Soda - Happiness

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