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The Roach Motel to Happiness - page 33

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Panschi:Hm... This gotta be a throne room or somethin' that those dolts were guardin'.
Mouse:It is, my dear Master Ani. Unfortunately, you won't get to see it.
Panschi:Oh right, that guy.
Mouse:You may have taken out my subordinates, but I am smarter than the average lackey.
Mouse:So, as they say... En garde!!
Panschi:Come on, man, I don't even have a sword.
Mouse:That's the point, if you catch my drift.
Mouse:Now, prepare to be sliced and diced like a...
???:Let him come in. He's a friend.
Mouse:...What? But we were just about to have a climactic, one-sided duel!
Panschi:Sorry, bub. Not takin' any chances.

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