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The Roach Motel to Happiness - page 30

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Panschi:Welp, gotta push on. Who knows what evil stuff might happen here if I don't?
Panschi:Clearly this town's a front for the illegal rhubarb trade. Hear it's especially ruthless, even among greengrocers.
Jezebel:Alright, enough with the stupid monologues!
Panschi:Ah, been wonderin' when you'd show up.
Bird:Wonder no longer, Sir! You are on private property, and I'm afraid this is the end of your excursion!
Panschi:Huh, looks like I got all three of the Stooges. How nice. Which one of you is Curly?
Panschi:But I digress. You guys fryin' people's brains, huh? Did ya try it on yerselves, or was the sample mass too small?
Adkins:Hey, man... That's really rude, you know?
Bird:This was supposed to be a happy place!

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