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The Roach Motel to Happiness - page 23

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Mouse:Master Ani?
Panschi:Yeah, not sneakin' up on me at night'd be nice. It's kinda creepy, y'know.
Mouse:Oh, my apologies.
Mouse:I just had to stop you... You were about to touch those rhubarbs.
Panschi:So what, you guys all have a rhubarb allergy or somethin'?
Mouse:Oh, oh no. It's not that. But those rhubarbs, they are the castle's. You mustn't touch things that belong to the castle.
Panschi:Well, let's say I wanna eat those rhubarbs. I thought the point of this place was makin' me happy?
Mouse:Yes, yes, that's what we do best at Happy Something. But not with rhubarbs. Isn't there something else you would like, Sir?
Panschi:Well frankly, ya seem to've awakened some hidden desire in me to have these particular rhubarbs right now. An' I don't think I'll be happy if I can't have 'em.
Mouse:Then I have no other choice...
Panschi:"Dream dust"? That's kinda lame, isn't i-
Mouse:Yeah, I... guess it's not the most creative solution.
Panschi:Zzzz... These beds kinda... stink... Zzzzz...

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