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The Roach Motel to Happiness - page 17

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Back at the Ani room...
Fox:Well, well! I hope we are enjoying ourselves.
Lanschi:The cucumber sand-wiches are great, but Panschi and I would like some entertainment now.
Fox:Entertainment, huh? Sigh.
Fox:Well, how about I entertain you two for a while?
Lanschi:Oh, that would be great. We've been wanting to go on the rides.
Fox:The... rides?
Lanschi:Rollercoasters and coaster rollers and all that sort of thing. Like on the park map!
Lanschi:Y'see, Panschi has been a little sour lately. So we came to Happy Fun Land for some, well, some happy fun!
Fox:Oh, it's an amusement park... And a really tacky one at that...
Fox:Oh, of course! Your amusement has been arranged for. Follow me!
Lanschi:You hear that, Panschi? We're going to be amused!
Panschi:What if I'm not?

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