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The Roach Motel to Happiness - page 5

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On the road to happiness....
Lanschi:Who's the guy that smiles all day...
Lanschi:...and knows no mi-se-ry?
Hayfa:S-M-I-L-E-Y F-A-C-and-E!
Lanschi:When you're down and have a frown, who's got the re-me-dy?
Hayfa:S-M-I-L-E-Y F-A-C-and-E!
Lanschi:You're not singing, Panschi!
Panschi:I left my voicebox at home.
Panschi:Come on, Panschi, even you can't keep up this sour mood forever. You'll see, once we're at the park, it will be all smiles and sunshine.
Lanschi:...and unicorns!
Lanschi:See? That's a unicorn.
Panschi:I know what a unicorn is!

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