Tails of Lanschilandia
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Musings from the Gnome Front - page 14

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Lanschi:Ja, grŁezi miteinand. I bin vom G'sundheitsomt.
Lanschi:I am the Gnorax, I speak for the gnomes!
Parsley:Lanschi, I'm afraid this isn't working.
Lanschi:But I had the perfect disguise this time!
Parsley:Even if it did work, I doubt the gnomes can return. They've been forced all the way into Lanschilandia already. Their habitat must be gone entirely!
Lanschi:What do you suggest?
Parsley:We must go back and talk to the gnomes. Maybe if we can communicate to them that they can't stay, we can-
Parsley:Are you even listening?!
Lanschi:Hello, my name is Guy Incognito.

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