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The Great Skittish Cake-Off - page 15

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Parsley:Hayfa! We gotta- Um, is something wrong? Besides the obvious, I mean.
Hayfa:Oh, Rose! This is all my fault! I didn't want to lose the bake-off, and I thought a drop or two of the cake enhancer wouldn't hurt. And... and...
Hayfa:And then the whole bottle went in! MOO-HoOoO!!
Parsley:There, there...
Kakralomino:Ahh, yes. I did want to thank you for that. You really went all out. I may have enhanced the potion a little bit myself.
Hayfa:YOU!! You did this!!
Kakralomino:H-hey, easy now. I didn't do anything, remember?
Kakralomino:My two bakers have been making an honest effort.
Bad Bat:I added the streusels!
Kakralomino:...As you can probably tell.
Parsley:But... Then you didn't use it!
Kakralomino:What a smart cookie. I expected more of you, Ms. Thyme.
Kakralomino:But no matter. When my monster is through with Lanschilandia... ...it'll look like the after-math of a children's birthday party!

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