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The Great Skittish Cake-Off - page 3

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Hayfa:The Cake-Off! It's tomorrow! And I'm not prepared!
Hayfa:Gotta hurry... But first, I'll finish these...
Hayfa:There, all clean and tah-tah-tidy!
Hayfa:I should ask Rose for help. I wonder what she's doing now...
We don't know, but why not check on the evil wizard, Kakralomino?
Kakralomino:Hey! It's rude to drop by unannounced.
Kakralomino:And speaking of rude, Bad Bat was supposed to be here an hour ago. Where is that fluttering dingbat now?!
Kakralomino:Oh no, he's gonna come through the window again, isn't he? Why can't he- wait, where'd he go?

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