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The Root of Evil - page 15

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Parsley:What is your evil plan, anyway?
Plunt:Silly fauna, I do not have a plan.
Plunt:All I want is revenge.
Parsley:Revenge? Revenge for what?
Plunt:The plants, vertebrate, the plants! People are not treating them nicely, my little babies. You as a fellow fancier should understand!
Lanschi:But... why are you going after us? Isn't Kakralomino destroying a lot more plant life?
Plunt:Think about the house plants you have left to wither and ask me that again, duck.
Lanschi:Hey, s-saving the world is a busy job, alright?
Plunt:If you will excuse me, I have more work to do. And by the way, you're standing on Clarice.
Plunt:In person. And many thanks for feeding her.

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