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The Root of Evil - page 13

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And so, just after crossing the border into Alluvia...
Hayfa:This is why I never get the salad!
...our heroes are hot on the scent!
Parsley:My eyes could have told you that hours ago. This is the only spot of lush vegetation in a 100 mile radius.
Lanschi:Silly Parsley, eyes can't talk. My head, however, is telling me to look for clues.
Lanschi:The tiniest thing can be a clue, you know? A crumb, a piece of string... even just a picture taken by a security camera.
Lanschi:If you're not paying attention, you may miss a vital piece of the puzzle. That's why a detective must always remain down to earth, eyes on the prize, and not allow himself to be sucked down into a deep hole by grasping vines.
Lanschi:Hmm... Come to think of it, that's an oddly specific metaphor.

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