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The Root of Evil - page 11

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King Lanschi:Oww... If We don't make it... tell them the gardener did it!
Parsley:Pull yourself together, Your Majesty! Something's foul in this kingdom.
King Lanschi:Owowow... You can say that again, friends. But don't you normally save the kingdom while We rest the royal rump?
Parsley:You'll have to do something this time! You must place a trade embargo on horticultural imports from Alluvia.
Lanschi:...And ban them from selling gardening stuff, too!
King Lanschi:Oh dear. We could certainly do that, but it would take time.
Parsley:We don't have time! How long could it take?
King Lanschi:Let's see...
King Lanschi:It needs to be approved by the Minister of Commerce, the Minister of Agriculture, the Minister of Ministers...
Lanschi:Aren't all of those Minister Anserian?
King Lanschi:Well, yes. He's been making this "state business" very convenient.

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