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The Root of Evil - page 8

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Parsley:Oh, this is terrible! We need to put a stop to it.
Lanschi:Don't have to tell me twice! I'll sock it to those plants like a vegetarian!
Parsley:That won't help in the long run. We need to stop the distribution of the soil that's causing this.
Lanschi:Good idea!
Lanschi:We can run a no-frills competitor business to drive them off the market and earn a quick buck.
Parsley:Erm, not quite what I was thinking.
One rational thought later...
Sign:Lanschilandia Castle "Where Kings Are King!"TM
Parsley:I hope it's not too late for the King to do something. This could grow into a real big problem otherwise.
Lanschi:Y'know, funny thought, but I think it already has!

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