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The Root of Evil - page 4

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Lanschi:Weeee! Hehehe! Hahahaha!
Lanschi:You should join us, Panschi! We can widen the circle if you want!
Panschi:You havin' so much fun because you're both equally stupid?
Lanschi:Heehee! Hahaha!
Lanschi:Come on, Panschi, the dog's not stupid! I'll show you!
Lanschi:Here, Rover. Fetch!
Rover:Arf! Arf!
Lanschi:Aaand off he goes! Hehe. Cousin Ranschi should let us dogsit more often.
Panschi:Couldn't he have a cat?
Lanschi:Ah, ah, Panschi, a cat doesn't fetch sticks. How would I ever get them back?
Panschi:Beats me.

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