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Holiday, Get Away! - page 16

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Kakralomino:What a terrible, terrible night. At least the morning seems quiet so far. Maybe I've just been having a really bad dream...
Lanschi:Mornin', neighbour!
Kakralomino:No, it is not a good morning. No morning has been good since you arrived here.
Lanschi:Um, I just wanted to ask if you wanted to join us for volley beachball.
Kakralomino:Look into my eyes, Lanschi. Do I look like I want to join you for "volley beachball"?
Lanschi:Well, if you put it that way...
Lanschi:Not really.
Kakralomino:Good, because I don't want you to bother me ever again. You hear me?
Lanschi:Gee... If he wanted to play frisbeach, he could have said so.

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