Tails of Lanschilandia
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Holiday, Get Away! - page 1

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Tails of Lanschilandia
Holiday, Get Away!
Ah, Sheller's beach resort. A jewel on Lanschilandia's coast line. Year after year, weary cheesemakers flock to its authentic-ish beach huts with first-ish class accomodations to let their important work rest for a few peaceful weeks. And even a certain evil wizard seems to be enjoying some time off for a change...
Kakralomino:Ahh, this is the life...
Kakralomino:I wonder why I didn't do this ages ago. Ruling a country with an iron fist is hard work.
Kakralomino:No scheming, no incompetent lackeys, and finally, no more of that wretched duck. Hee hee! I hope Dr. Spid has fun dealing with him.
Kakralomino:Two weeks of beach, sun and lapsang souchong tea. What could possibly go wrong?
Sandman:Jiminy, he done said it.

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