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Any Witch Way - page 32

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Head witch:Well, that was certainly something. Now that we're rid of these rowdies, I can award the crown to you instead, Miss Phacelia.
Lacy:It is an honour!
Head witch:You two have done really well. Much unlike my good-for-nothing grandson and that Lanschi guy he keeps telling me about.
Lanschi:All the Lanschis I know are quite swell.
Head witch:I'm just worried about the donations. If he really stole the money, we'll need something to bring it back in.
Lanschi:Like a special performance?
Lanschi:Which gives me an idea... If old Kakra took the money, then money he shall raise!
And so...
Lanschi:My, what a boring speech. May I kick you out of your tower again now?
Kakralomino:"As if I had a choice."
Lanschi:Hehehe... He always was good at drama.
So ends another story. Just as well this time, but evil must play a role in our play. 'Cause else it's not as funny, eh?

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