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Any Witch Way - page 18

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Kakralomino:See? It's this way. You numskulls couldn't find your way out of a cupboard!
Kakralomino:I think we're in first. And just look at our next "obstacle". Hah! Is this dry trench supposed to stop me?
Kakralomino:I'm not some kind of berk or something. I'll simply walk across! These race organisers underestimate the intelligence of Kakralo-
Kakralomino:Help! Do something! Save me! Can't you see I'm drowning?
Batty:Great, now my look is totally ruined! Could this possibly get any worse?
Bad Bat:Gee, I dunno, Batty. There could be piranhas!
Kakralomino:Can't you be a little more creative than that?!

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