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Any Witch Way - page 16

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Parsley:So how are do we get across?
Lacy:My cousin Iris Sibirica let me have these pellets to turn into an ice-cream float! With that, we can safely...
Lacy:This is strawberry ice-cream! How did it even get here?
Lanschi:Hey, that's my second favourite flavour, right after baloney.
Lacy:We are not using strawberries! I hate strawberries!
Lacy:We are lost! Doomed! And worst of all, we will have to forfeit the race! Unless I can think of something else, of course.
Lanschi:Could you, uh, part the river?
Lacy:Of course not, do I look like some kind of deity?
Parsley:But you can fly, right? I know it's not precisely permitted, but we could utilise a similar process to reverse the Newtonian forces affecting the flow of water particles to empirically...
Lacy:Hey, this isn't some hocus pocus "science", you know? I do magic here.

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