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Any Witch Way - page 14

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I am starting to think the forest may be endless. I don't remember how long I have been walking.
There is no time out here, no people, no civilisation. Not even a laundromat! My feathers smell of cheese and I am doubting my own sanity.
I have been counting all the trees that look like funny dinosaurs.
So far, I have reached three. There is no telling how many more there might be or what they want.
While I am sitting here writing my journal, my companions have wandered off. I don't know if I will ever see them again.
Maybe they intend to leave me here. Maybe in this perpetual darkness, we have all gone crazy.
I may not have much time left before I need a bathroom break. If you, the future reader, have found my journal here without its owner, be wary! Turn back while you still can. There is no light ahead, no escape. Only shadows, and a night that never ends.
Parsley:I think the forest ends over there, are you coming or not?
Lanschi:Now you ruined the suspense.

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