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Any Witch Way - page 7

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Head witch:My dear wizards and witches, mages and magicians, warlocks, conjurers, sorcerers and pinball players! Before we start our annual race, I must remind you that flying, teleportation and altering reality are stictly forbidden this year. You will have to rely on your wits, wishful thinking, bla bla bla...
Head witch:trumpet playing, horticultural skills, bla bla...
Parsley:Oh, here comes a late arrival.
Kakralomino:Sorry, I beg your pardon... sooo sorry! Hey! Is this the magic race event?
Head witch:Um, yes. Yes, it is.
Kakralomino:Oh deary me, I'm glad I still made it in time!
Kakralomino:You see I am oh-so-fragile in my poor old age and WAAAAAAH!!
Kakralomino:Oh, er, sorry about that! I just, uh, thought I saw Ol' Scratch standing there. I still owe him some money.
Lanschi:I would find that suspicious... But I'm honestly not sure if I should.

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