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Any Witch Way - page 5

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Kakralomino:What are you doing here, anyway?
Bad Bat:I've got your mail, Master!
Kakralomino:Mail? I don't get mail! Friendly correspondence has been outlawed!
Bad Bat:Well, I... hehehe... I took them from the mail pigeon in Lanschilandia. I thought you'd like them.
Kakralomino:What? Put these back where you found them!
Kakralomino:I don't condone this sort of thievery. And besides, there might be love letters in there!
Kakralomino:Do you know how hard it is to get rid of the smell? No one wants those icky, plushy- ohh, this looks interesting, actually.
Bad Bat:Is it a coupon for the jelly store?
Bad Bat:Dangit.
Kakralomino:Bad Bat! Go and get Batty... We're going on a little business trip.
Bad Bat:To Happy Fun Land? I bet it's Happy Fun Land.

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