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Doppelgander - page 19

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Dr. Spid:Nevermind my attire, I tire of you. It's time for your swan song, Lanschi!
Lanschi:Oh, but not before your pirouette.
Dr. Spid:My what?
King Lanschi:His what?
Dr. Spid:Hey! Stop it!
Lanschi:Don't worry, I'm just helping you do what spiders do best...
Lanschi:Spin a web! Hehe!
Lanschi:And now, I'm gonna leave you here unattended until your inevitable escape. So long, Doc!
Dr. Spid:I could probably free myself, but I'm way too glad that duck is gone. I don't want to see him again anytime soon.
Lanschi:...Actually, could you help me out a bit? I don't remember where the exit is. Also I really gotta use your bathroom.
Dr. Spid:GRAAAAH!!

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