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Doppelgander - page 15

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Speaking of fiends...
Dr. Spid:Jittering creeps, what's taking him so long? He should've caught that goody-no-shoes by now.
Lanschi:If I can find out where the King is being held, he could help me clear my name. Hope no one suspects I'm not a roboduck. What's my line again? "I am Lanschi Ani". Hmm... That seems tricky to remember.
Dr. Spid:Finally! Where's the other Lanschi?
Lanschi:I am, uh, Lanschi Ani!
Dr. Spid:You fool! You were supposed to bring the real one back! Must I do everything myself?
Dr. Spid:Wait... You're not the real one trying to convince me you're a robot, are you?
Lanschi:Of course not! I-I mean, I am Lanschi Ani!
Dr. Spid:Good, good... The duck may be stupid, but not that stupid. He cannot possibly think I would fall for that.
Dr. Spid:Well, wherever he is, he won't get very far in my tower. Since you're here, let's proceed with the stress tests!
Lanschi:The what?

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