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Doppelgander - page 2

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Cpt. McAptain:It's terrible, just terrible! Our peaceful kingdom, swept away by a wave of crime!
Cpt. McAptain:Kidnappings! Bank robberies! Kidnapping bank robbers! They're even ignoring "keep off the grass" signs!
Cpt. McAptain:Arson! Treason! Malison! Insulting a man named Madison! I've been dealing with offences here that aren't even illegal yet! And you know why? I'll tell you why!
Cpt. McAptain:Because of one criminal mastermind! The one person that all the evidence is pointing to...
Cpt. McAptain:A notorious trouble-maker only known to the world as Lanschi Ani! Which happens to be your name, so I arrested you.
Cpt. McAptain:So, now that that's done... What do you have to say for yourself, evildoer?
Lanschi:Uhh... Gee wigglebottoms?

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