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Funfair Practices - page 5

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Kakralomino:Hehe, the gullible fools. Defeated by a theme park ride... It's almost a shame, really. Almost.
Kakralomino:Why are you back?!
Lanschi:Was it meant to go for another lap?
Lanschi:That was fun! Let's do it again.
Parsley:Um... Maybe later. Perhaps we should all, uh, go somewhere else now.
Lanschi:You mean like a funhouse?
Kakralomino:An excellent idea! Let's all go to the funeral, I mean, the funhouse.
Kakralomino:That's right, keep going, it's perfectly safe.
Lanschi:You don't have to tell me twice! Or even once, actually.
Hayfa:I hope it's not one of the sah-sah-spooky ones.
Parsley:I fear it will be more than that, Hayfa.
Lanschi:Come on, Parsley, you shouldn't worry so much. It's safe! The evil wizard said so himself.
Parsley:Do you listen to yourself?

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