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Statues of Lamentation - page 32

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And so, our heroes and not-so-heroes return triumphantly...
Bad Bat:We were lucky. What're the chances we'd find a plane on Mt. Airport?
Panschi:Nothin' like happy coincidences.
Parsley:Well, it's good to be home! Come on, we need to see the professor ASAP.
Panschi:Yeah, that would've been good.
Prof. Manatide:My, my, can't you kids these days watch where you're- Oh, it's you! Not a second too early, Miss Time.
Prof. Manatide:Now hurry, there's no thyme to lose!
Parsley:Guh goo... Did something happen?
Panschi:Oh, just a few things...
Sandman:The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire...
Phoebe:I beat brain freeze forever! Yaaaay!

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