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Statues of Lamentation - page 17

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Frank:You should be more careful, little travellers.
Batty:Oh, I bet you're very good at that, Mr. Look-at-me-I'm-a-huge-stone-thing.
Batty:So, are you the spokesgiant for one-size-fits-all gloves or- hey, put me down!
Frank:You have a big mouth, little one.
Bad Bat:Hey, you! Leave Batty alone or I'll... I'll... um...
Bad Bat:Whoa.
Frank:Don't worry, flappy creature. I won't harm you, but I must know what brings you to these parts.
Parsley:I'm afraid we didn't mean to be here, at least not precisely where we are. We came here to find the water of life, but-
Frank:The spring? Oh, what luck! I only checked on it this morning. Someone left the faucet running.
Frank:I can take you there, but I must warn you - we have a strict policy against evil wizards. You don't know any evil wizards, do you?
Batty:Actually- I mean, uh, of course not! Evil wizard? How do you spell that? Heh, heh.
Bad Bat:Tsk, tsk! Didn't you pay attention in school, Batty? It's spelt E... uh, another E... F...
Batty:There's only one E, you wally.

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