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Statues of Lamentation - page 14

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Amadeus:Glad that's settled. Now, let's get down to-
Bad Bat:Bat-ty! I ate too much camembert before bed and now I...
Bad Bat:Oh, hey there, little fella! Are you looking for the water of lice, too?
Amadeus:The... the what?
Amadeus:The water of life, you mean?
Bad Bat:Hm, that could be it. Thanks, Mister...
Amadeus:Amadeus. Just call me Amadeus.
Batty:So, um, Parsley... I think we're being robbed. Thought I'd let you know.
Elise:Helloooooo there.
Amadeus:Your bat friend and the bird are both here. Sebastian's taking care of them, if you don't mind.
Batty:Why would I- wait, only one bird?
Amadeus:We... missed one, didn't we? Ellie, did we miss one?

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