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Statues of Lamentation - page 2

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Kakralomino:Enough banter! Now that I have you just where I want you...
Kakralomino:...I'll make sure you stay there. Forever! Ha ha ha ha!
Lanschi:With a garden hose? I won't take root so fast. I think.
Kakralomino:It's not a garden hose, stupid.
Kakralomino:It's my Pressure-Powered Pinhead Petrifier and Fowl Fossiliser! (Courtesy of Dr. Spid and Kagnas Industries.) Care for a demonstration?
Kakralomino:Keep your eyes on the boring, old tree...
Lanschi:YOWZA! It's turned to stone!
Kakralomino:Indeed it has. I'm glad you noticed.
Kakralomino:And now... I'm gonna rock your world. (Hehe, rock your world, that's a good one.)
Kakralomino:Wait, where'd he go now?

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