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Birds of a Weather - page 10

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???:Hm, what should I unleash next... The rain of terror, maybe?
???:Why not send some hail to the king...
Lanschi:That voice...
Lanschi:Your weather thingamabobbery ends now, you fiend!
Lanschi:GASP! Dr. Spud!
Dr. Spid:Spid, not spud, you idiot. And who do you think you are, breezin' in like that?
Lanschi:Um, I'm Lanschi.
Dr. Spid:Well, yes. I know.
Dr. Spid:How unfortunate for you. Now, if you will excuse me, I'm a little tied up here...
Dr. Spid:...so let's share that sentiment!
Lanschi:Hey! You can't leave me like this! I'll get pins 'n' needles!
Dr. Spid:That's just the sting of defeat, duck.

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