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Lizard Needs Food Badly - page 14

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Shishlareth:This room equals my storage chamber. Are you feeling well plus sitting comfortably?
Parsley:Um, not precisely...
Shishlareth:Hm, maybe I should spoil the spoils so they don't spoil. Be right back!
Shishlareth:TA-DAH! This equals the course number one I shall divide among you.
Parsley:I'm... not sure if I trust that cake.
Shishlareth:Why not? It's just a standard algorithm sweet dessert.
Shishlareth:Prepped with appetite-enhancing additives, calorie supplements, olive oil... ...pure butterfat, deep-fried mayonnaise plus a pinch of oregano.
Hayfa:Ooh, just like grandmoo always used to make!

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