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The Metamorphosis of Mr. Ani - page 38

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And so, all was well in time for the parade!
Phoebe:And now, a word from - DUN DUN DUN! - the King's ministeeer!
Phoebe:You hearified a word from the King's minister! TATATARAAA!
King Lanschi:Why am I still employing you, Phoebe?
Phoebe:There's no two else like me!
Phoebe:Well buckets!
King Lanschi:Somebody get Master Ani up here! He shall hold his speech now.
Lanschi:Sure, Your Majesty! It's not like anything happened to me! I didn't turn into a beetle or any such thing.
Lanschi:Fellow Lanschilandians! When have you last wondered who you truly are? As I learnt yester day, it's not always obvious! Let's all remember today, fellow citizens, that it's not just what we look like that makes us who we are, but what we do. We must not forget that... um...
Lanschi:Oh, come on! I wasn't even moving!

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