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The Metamorphosis of Mr. Ani - page 31

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Batty:If you tell us where your friend is, we'll make him a nice glass of beetlejui-
Kakralomino:WHAT is going on here?!
Batty:Oh! Um, we were just about to deliver some information to you, Lord Kagnas.
Bad Bat:We were? But you said- Hey!
Kakralomino:I don't care what you were going to do. I see you have some of those disgusting do-gooders at your mercy.
Batty:Yup! Got it all under control!
Batty:I appreciate the concern, but there's no need to worry.
Kakralomino:That's good...
Kakralomino:I'll take over from here, then.
Batty:WHAT?! You can't be serious! I- I mean, we have done all the work!
Kakralomino:I don't intend to leave you two without work to do.
Kakralomino:My manor on Harrowing Hill needs cleaning. Get to it!
Bad Bat:Oh boy! I love cleaning the manor!

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