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The Metamorphosis of Mr. Ani - page 15

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Parsley:Lanschi Ani! No one can help you if you refuse to be treated!
Lanschi:I like my treatments free of charge!
Lanschi:And besides, I'm sure a hot bath would fix it just as well!
Parsley:And I'm certain it won't!
Parsley:You heard the Professor. You have to get the venom out of your body!
Lanschi:Maybe we can see an apothecary?
Bad Bat:Fling my flutters! Did you hear that, Batty?
Batty:Of course, you wally! I'm right next to you. I always knew he was a vermin.
Bad Bat:Gee! Do you think we s hould tell the master what happened to Lanschi?
Batty:And let him take the credit? No way!
Batty:We're going to follow Lanschi. And when the time comes...
Batty:We'll squish him like a bug! A-hahahaha!
Bad Bat:Heh! Heh! I don't get it.

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